La Habra

by Gardeners Logic

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released April 30, 2013

Gardeners Logic:
Ian Bailey
Mike Willson
Vince Phung

Chris Rushman
Erik Lapporte
Gary Westmoreland
Rusty Osborne

Voices on Song 3:
Liliana Frandsen
Nicole Kubis

Songs 1,2,4,and 5 Written by Ian Bailey
Song 3 Written by Ian Bailey, Gary Westmoreland, and Mike Willson

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Willson

Recorded and Mastered at MAPS



all rights reserved


Gardeners Logic Huntington Beach, California

"They have found the perfect way to balance country flavorings and indie rock together in amazing harmony." (OC Weekly)

Bound to the coast of Southern California, Gardeners Logic is looking for new soil in the ears and minds of music lovers everywhere. With roots seeded in folk, country, indie, and rock. Gardeners Logic offers an emotional narrative on life, death, and everything in-between.
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Track Name: I See God and The Devil
I have heard the story before
Back when all of the trees were the soil that was born from the fire

See I found a heaven in hell
I see God and The Devil and the Sun and the Moon both in you

As I see them in me

Strange how both of these desires
The need to be free, to feel love on its knees can be so distracting

Is love for the weak?
Or is it something we feel just to know that we are real
In all of this space
Track Name: Debris
The physical need
Feeling that ecstasy
Your memory stuck in my mind

I pushed you away
Out of that intimate space
A mistaken currency between you me

I'll see you again
We'll play shirts and skins
I'll bare it all if you want

It's never the same
Playing after the rain
Debris floating everywhere
Even in between

In between the love
In between the love
There is all this space

And after everything
And after everything
Can we just make the exchange
Track Name: La Habra
There are nothing but these streets and these yellow lines
As they bring us together at various times
It's the road and these lights
Living on the streets of La Habra Heights
Fighting all night with suburban ties
And I won't last long
And now I have met a girl I want to make my Wife
Want to carry her away to a different life and I will
I will
Yeah I know we are young and we're moving fast
In a place like this you might not get a chance to make it
Work out

Now it's seven o'clock about a year down the line
We are living in Corona, California might as well be blind
To my thoughts
And everyday I feel it's getting worse
My body is lazy, my mind is cursed. God damn it
All I want to do is leave

And I can feel myself letting go of this
Leaving the comfort of a world that I know exists
But that is what I have to do
And I can feel myself letting go of this
Leaving the comfort of a woman that I know I'll miss
but that is what I have to do

Now it's twenty years later in seattle I stay
And I notice myself waking up everyday all alone

Yeah I left a pretty woman when she had my son
He must be close to the age of twenty one
But I don't think about it
Track Name: Sun, Moon, and Stars (Run)
I keep coming home to an empty bed
My mind can't comprehend that this might never end
If I carry it all I might push it back down
Until I hear the call the next time around

You run
You run
You run
Back to me

She sits on my shoulder, She rests in my mind
The enemy lives within, I can escape half the time
She gives me everything my Sun, Moon, and Stars
I love what she says but I can't get that far

You run
You run
You run
Back to me

I see what's coming now
See what's coming now
See what's coming now
Track Name: Shadow
I see my shadow by my side
It has stayed with me through life
As time stretches on to a finite space

I hear her laugh through all the cracks
The countless times I want to go back
To a moment that cycles in my memory

Age seems to be the only enemy
My face looks older but my mind will never be
Until it all goes black