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by Gardeners Logic

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During the winter of 2011 through spring 2012, Gardeners Logic locked themselves in their studio and recorded this album. With contributions from local musicians, Chris Rushman, Nate Lown (Drums and Color), Anthony Grisham, Gary Westmoreland (The Counter Regiment), Erik Lapporte, and Liliana Frandsen, they were able to create a unique blend of folk and country inspired songs. This album is the product of those sessions.


released July 3, 2012

Ian Bailey: Guitar, Bass, Glockenspiel, and Vocals
Mike Willson: Drums, Percussion ,Production, and Engineering
Chris Rushman: Trumpet and Keys, 2nd Engineer
Nate Lown: Trombone and Guitar
Anthony Grisham: Guitar
Gary Westmoreland: Guitar and 2nd Engineer
Erik Lapporte: Lap steel guitar
Liliana Frandsen: Vocals
Parker Shannon: 2nd Engineer

All songs written by Ian Bailey
Produced, engineered, and mastered by Mike Willson



all rights reserved


Gardeners Logic Huntington Beach, California

"They have found the perfect way to balance country flavorings and indie rock together in amazing harmony." (OC Weekly)

Bound to the coast of Southern California, Gardeners Logic is looking for new soil in the ears and minds of music lovers everywhere. With roots seeded in folk, country, indie, and rock. Gardeners Logic offers an emotional narrative on life, death, and everything in-between.
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Track Name: Coyote Run
I see the road but I can't go back
Nothing seems as good as that
I have lived in love but I must move on
I turn away as there is nothing wrong
I'm a joker a jester at heart
I find My youth in what is lost
I kick up dirt to make a scene
only to keep you a part of me
I know it's hard but it must be
like something out of a vivid dream

That coyote inside of me
Knows something that he will keep
As I run across the land so wild
I will be my parents child
The sweet one meant to love
Not the one to spite with tongue
With the voice that use angel speak
Before the devil came to take me
Suppress the man live long the child
Let youth stay near and keep us wild

It's that coyote
coyote run!
Track Name: Costa Mesa
I'm gonna pick up my friends
We're gonna fight the first fucker we see
And then we are all gonna scream deep down in the gutter
On the corner of 17th

We'll pick up a bag and we'll think about
All of the things we need to figure out

I was talking to Joe
The old man put a smoke in his mouth
He said the veins of this place run wild with the blood
That's gonna bring this city down

When the time comes you can figure out
Where you'll go from the underground
You see your as wild as a hurricane
Always trying to make the levees break

I picked up my bag and I dumped it out
That avalanche made me feel like I was coming down
I picked up the phone to talk it out
But I can't remember what I thought about
Track Name: I'll Hurt Myself
I'll hurt myself
Thinking of you

I'm asking you to touch me
Make me feel something
Something that this body can't feel on its own

Or I'll hurt myself
Thinking of you

I need the flower that blooms when I sing
I need those branches that love to reach
I need the love of the world through your hands
I need to feel you touching me

Or I'll hurt myself
Thinking of you
Track Name: You Told Me
You told me a long time ago
That everybody dies
And so will I
When it's my time
You don't need to be afraid
There is significance in everything thats great
And in your life

Oh love it's all the same
You give and then you get some might come with pain
But it's all a part of it

You told me a long time ago
That love would have the most
Beautiful sting
When it's right
You don't need to be afraid
There is something in her touch
That makes it all seem great
And in your life

Don't worry about loss
It comes and then it goes
Even though it might seem wrong
But it's all a part of it
Track Name: That Ghost
Oh my love where have you gone
Dear that ghost will follow you long
It told me once we all mimic the dead
What happened once will happen again

Oh my love I did it again
I forgot just who I am
I picked up that old drink again
It broke my heart the shape I left you in
Track Name: The Cub
I saw a cub sitting next to a tree
With a brother nowhere to be seen
In the wild there is only hope for the free
Here in nature on these grey suburban streets

Forget the thought so there is no baggage to claim
In the wild we have to find a new name

Take a chance
Hope it lasts
Grab your bags
Get gone
On the road
Heaven shows
Its radiant
Pick the route
Map it out
Start the car
Lets go
I don't need anything
Lets just get out of here

And if I get through to you
I do Hope to see
That things turned out how we wanted
Track Name: Daniel
Have you seen Daniel your little brother
He left an hour ago
He asked me sweetly he asked me kindly
To let him go up the road
Told me he loved me and took the car keys
He had a bag in his hold
I don't know but I get the feeling his
Body left his soul
I wish he would just come home

Just nearly 16 was able bodied
was able minded too
It has been too long since we were able to
See him here in the room
Gone is gone and forever is useless
It all has to do with time
He was a young man with hopes to own land and
Do what his daddy told
I wish he would just come home

To see that youth go I feel it's shadow
I don't want to let it go
I see the photos hear that lovely hello
If only in my mind
If i could hold him kiss and adore him
Watch him swim in the pool
That little body my little baby
I still leave a light on for you
I wish you would just come home